Signature Impression- Product System

  • Back of the Cabine

    Base cabinet 11/16″ (approximately 3/4″) plywood. Wall cabinet: 1/4″ plywood with 3/4″ hanging rail.

  • Side & Top and Bottom Panel:

    11/16″ (approximately 3/4″) plywood side, bottom and top for wall cabinets.

    11/16″(Approximately 3/4″) plywood side, bottom for base cabinet.

    Color: white inside and outside for standard cabinets. The side panel color can be upgraded to the same material used for door and drawer fronts.

  • 11/16" Bridge:

    The bridge is for added stability, and strength, which is con nected to the left and right side panels. It is fastened with dow els and camlocks

  • Cabinet Door and Drawer Front:

    Slab door style:

    A. Textured matte nish style: Thermal fused laminated surface over 3/4″ furniture core board.

    B. Acrylic high gloss nish style: styrene colored layer, which is permanently fused with a clear ultra high gloss acrylic on 3/4″ MDF core board.

  • The back of the door has the same color and graining style as the cabinet fronts.

  • Drawer Construction:

    5/8 “thick solid wood drawer sides, plywood bottom 3/8” thick ness. Drawers are soft closing and dovetail joint construction.

  • Drawer Runner:

    Undermount soft close full extension.

  • Adjustable Shelves:

    11/16″ (approximately 3/4″) plywood shelf with a thermal fused Laminated Surface, edge banding front. 18″ depth for base cabi net, and 10″ depth for wall cabinet.

  • Interior Back Bottom:

    Corner dust guards on door base cabinets and wall cabinets.

  • Toe Kick.

    3/4″ thick with matching color.

  • Hinges.

    6 way adjustable soft closing, except on certain cabinets such as lazy Susan cabinets, and diagonal corners.


    Safety Data:

    No formaldehyde. Carb 2 certified carb compliant 2. All wood meets or exceeds Carb2, carb compliant 2 and is certified.

    Assembly Construction: Dowels with glue, secured with screws.

    Edge Banding: Coordinating on exposed front edges.